Art + Photo contest

Congratulations to our winner!

Munkhtuul Enkhbat (UPEI)

Betrayal of my own body/planet – I’m currently working on a research project focused on the metabolic pathways of breast cancer. I wanted to paint something that’s related to my project. Therefore, I created this acrylic painting of a breast mammogram with a visible tumour growing. The colourful 3D protein structure painted on top of the tumour is the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) which is one of the crucial proteins involved in tumour growth and one of the major targets for breast cancer therapy. The painting can also be looked as a cell with a protein inside or a planet with a foreign object inside.

Thank you to all those who participated in our 1st edition of the CNPN Art and Photo Contest!

Voting from the CNPN community

Voting for the best photo submission will open May 15th at 8 am EDT and close May 17th at 12 pm EDT.
Voting is open to all CNPN members.
Winner will be announced at the closing ceremony of CNPN 2023. 

Call for submissions

Do you have a passion for visual arts or photography? Do you create beautiful illustrations in your research? 

The CNPN invites submissions for the 1st edition of the CNPN 2023 Art and Photo Contest! This contest is the ideal opportunity to share your proteomics research in a more artistic fashion than usual. Any art, photo or picture related to proteomics can be submitted. A public vote will determine the winner who will receive a cash prize of $250.

Submission deadline: May 11th, 2023, 11:59 PDT



Participants can submit pictures or photos about any topic that is related to proteomics and proteins. The themes below are suggestions of possible types of images that could be submitted, but participants should not limit themselves to these themes:

Protein Structures: Participants could submit photos that showcase the unique and intricate structures of proteins. This could include images of protein crystals, 3D models of proteins, or even artistic renderings of protein structures.

Protein Interactions: Participants could submit photos that depict these interactions, such as images of protein-protein binding or protein-ligand interactions.

Proteomics Techniques: Participants could submit photos that showcase these techniques in action, such as images of mass spectrometry instruments or protein microarray experiments.

Proteomics Applications: Proteomics has a wide range of applications, from drug discovery to biomarker identification. Participants could submit photos that highlight the practical applications of proteomics, such as images of drug discovery labs or clinical trials.

Proteomics in Nature: Proteins play important roles in nature, such as in the formation of cell structures or in the interactions between organisms. Participants could submit photos that showcase the role of proteins in nature, such as images of plant or animal cells.

Proteomics in Art: Proteins are also a source of inspiration for artists. Participants could submit photos of artwork that is inspired by or incorporates protein structures, such as sculptures or paintings.

Entry Requirements

The CNPN Art and Photo contest is open to all Canadians or individuals studying or working at a Canadian institution. Images should have a minimum resolution of 300 DPI. Participants can submit a maximum of 1 original image that has never been published in or used by any journal for the contest.

Submission Guidelines

Images must be submitted using the form below. Participants must explain briefly (less than 100 words) how they obtained the image and describe its context, as well as provide a short submission title. Submission deadline is Thursday May 11th, 2023, at 11:59 PDT.

Judging criteria

A vote among CNPN members will take place online and at CNPN 2023. Members will be asked to vote for the best image based on technical proficiency, creativity, originality, or a combination of these factors.


$250 cash prize


Participants must have created the image, own all rights to the image and obtain the consent of any people appearing in the image. By submitting an image to the contest, participants agree that CNPN is not responsible for any copyright infringements that might arise in Canada or elsewhere or for any litigation that might ensue from such infringements. CNPN reserves the right to publish finalist images in any media and in any format to promote the contest, finalists, award-winners, or research or use for any promotional purposes, these include and are not limited to online, social media, printing, reproduction, and at CNPN events. CNPN agrees to acknowledge the images’ creators in all publications and presentations of the image, unless circumstances prevent it.


Images submitted should not be manipulated beyond reasonable editing.

Submit your art

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Decisions made by CNPN about any aspect of the contest, including the eligibility or disqualification of application forms, descriptions, or images, are final and cannot be appealed. Participants who complete an application form and submit an image must consent, without compensation, to let CNPN use, print, reproduce, publish, transmit and disseminate their names, photos, and information about their awards in any publication or promotion activity, to promote the contest, the finalists, the award recipients, the research or CNPN. All participants release CNPN and their respective personnel, agents, representatives, and delegates (collectively referred to as “released individuals”) from any liability for damage of any kind resulting directly or indirectly from the contestants’ participation.