Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Member Survey

The Canadian National Proteomics Network (CNPN) is committed to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all its members. We advance excellence in research and education by recognizing the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our commitment includes a monthly seminar series that highlights our diverse and dynamic membership, workshops dedicated to informing our members on inclusivity, recognition, and professional development skill-building, and a CNPN Unity initiative that provides a voice to all members and welcomes opportunities for advancement.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) 2018 Equity and Diversity Questionnaire.

Note: Person with a disability is a person who has a long-term or recurring physical, mental, sensory, psychiatric, or learning impairment and:

- Who considers themselves to be disadvantages in employment by reason of that impairment; or
- Who believes that an employer or potential employer is likely to consider them to be disadvantaged in employment by reason of that impairment; and
- Includes persons whose functional limitations owing to their impairment may have been accommodated in their current job or workplace.