Canadian Proteome Projects Committee

Formed in October 2008, this committee is responsible for the identification, development, and coordination of national proteomics efforts. In its first two years of existence, it has focused on proteomics efforts related to human health. Setting aside time for dedicated sessions at the Annual Symposium and holding workshops to increase exposure, a number of themes have been developed that have since matured to a level that will allow them to seek funding on the national or international stage and/or qualify as possible Canadian contribution to the Human Proteome Project.

CNPN has recently expanded the mandate of this committee, now seeking to develop proteomics projects also in other areas in which significant expertise exists within Canada. Such areas include, but are not limited to: agriculture; aquaculture; and microbiology. It is anticipated that employing the successful strategies and mechanisms established in the first phase will facilitate the establishment of national proteomics projects also in these areas.

For more information on existing projects, or to propose new projects, please contact the committee chair (

Current committee members (in alphabetical order):

Christoph Borchers (University of Victoria)
Juergen Kast (University of British Columbia, Chair)
John Marshall (Ryerson University)
Devanand Pinto (NRC Halifax)
Guy Poirier (Université Laval)
Michael Siu (York University)