HELP on how to register & submit an abstract to CNPN

(1) Join or Renew your CNPN Membership

General Memberships cost $30, or $10 for Students. Pay via WAVE checkout to activate your Member account immediately. CNPN no longer accepts payment by cheque. CNPN memberships are renewable on a yearly basis each November 1st.

(2) LOGIN to the Members Area and Register for the Conference

Once you have a renewed and/or activated your CNPN account, login to the MEMBERS AREA and register for the Conference. Please note that you will need a valid Conference ID # before your submit your abstract(s). (If you register by March 25th, you will qualify for the early discount.)
Also, TRAINEES should indicate if they wish to participate in the Trainee Sympoisum, which will be held on Friday, May 7th..

(3) Prepare Your Abstract(s)

We suggest you prepare the wording of your abstract and keep a copy of your submission. Abstract information must contain: Name of Presenting Author; Company or Affiliation; Name(s) of Contributing Authors; Title; Abstract body (250 words maximum); as well, indicate your preferred Session Topic, and how you wish to present, Oral or Poster presentation.

All abstracts must be received by Wednesday, April 7, 2021 (21:00 EST).
Members may submit more than one abstract if they wish. All submissions will be reviewed by committee. If you request and are chosen to give an oral presentation, you will be notified ASAP. Those who wish to speak and are not chosen will be guaranteed a poster presentation of their work.

(4) Login to the Members Area and Submit Your Abstract(s)

Once you have prepared your abstract (250 words, spell-checked), login to the Members Area again and click on the menu option "Abstract Submissions". Fill the information you have prepared into the online form and submit it.

Once you have completed your submission, you may review your document, proof it and make changes and updates where required up until the final press deadline. You can also upload a PDF copy of your submission, as an addendum, which is advisable if your document uses (non-ascii) special characters, such as those found in math equations or umlouts.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email

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