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HELP - paying online using

Please follow these steps below to clarify the process of making a payment via PayPal. Scroll down to read instructions and screens. Click on this link if you want to PRINT this page.

First, note that a PAYPAL account is NOT required to make the purchase, as is made apparent by the link at the bottom of the page: Don't have a PayPal account?

However, if you have an existing PayPal account (identified by card # or by email address), then PayPal will INSIST that you use them, rather than just your credit card by itself. So you might be required to logon to PayPal; otherwise, use a different email and credit card, NOT regsitered on an existing PayPal account.

We ask you to follow all the steps below, to ensure that our information is updated. Once payments have been received, the RETURN page updates our databases and (re)activates Member usernames/passwords, as well as indicates to us that registrants and applicants have paid all fees required.

FOR EXAMPLE, see FIG.1 below. For those who wish to pay online, once you have submitted your registration form a "success" message like this one is created, which indicates amount due. If the amount is correct, then click on the Pay Now button. Otherwise [GO BACK] and select the alternate payment method.


When you click on the PAY NOW button, you will arrive at a standard PayPal invoice screen. Then either login to use PayPal account or click on second option > Don't have a PayPal account?, which allows you to simply use a credit card.

In either case, follow the steps and complete the purchase.

Once PayPal completes the transaction, you will get a confirmation page like FIG.2 below (Thanks for your order).
It is advisable for you to print receipt and/or record the 16-digit receipt number.
Please CONTINUE back to the CNPN website: click on link that says "Return to (CNPN)..." (at the RED ARROW below).


Then, expect to arrive at a second confirmation page like FIG.3 below (You Made a Payment). This may seem redundant but is the usual process. Wait for page to re-direct or click on "click here" to continue.


You will be prompted by Security Warning alert below (FIG.4). Please do not be alarmed. The information sent back to the CNPN website is only your transaction ID #, a payment completed message, and the amount paid. Your confidential credit card information is NOT included in the information passed back to CNPN website.
Please click [ CONTINUE ] to go back to the CNPN website and to complete the process.


Finally, you will arrive at a Thank You page, back at the CNPN website, something like FIG.5 below.

This confirms that the CNPN information has been updated, and that your payment has been confirmed. Record the Transaction ID#, the [Ref #], and save the confirmation email that was sent to you earlier. You may need these for confirmation at a later time. Note: if you are registering or renewing CNPN membership, then the thank you message will also state that your Username and Password have been (re)activated for access to the Members Area.


The steps above should cover most questions about using PayPal to make online payments.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please email

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