5th Annual CNPN Symposium


The CNPN 2013 Symposium
(April 21-24, 2013) was held at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel, 1180 West Hastings St., Vancouver, BC, V6E 4R5

Sun, April 21
3:00-6:00 PM

BC Proteomics Network Symposium
Chair:Christoph Borchers

Mon, April 22

Post Translational Modifications and Terminomics in Disease
Chair: Dr. Chris Overall


Discriminating Biomarkers and Modified Proteins by Bioinformatics
Chair: Dr. Paul Pavlidis

Tue, April 23

Structural and Chemical Proteomics Analysis of Modified Proteins in Disease - Chair: Dr. Liang Li


Emergent Properties of Systems Analyzed from Interactomics and Pathways - Chair: Dr. Anne-Claude Gingras

Wed, April 24

Progress on the Human Proteome Project (HPP)
Chair: Dr. Gill Omenn


Pan-American HUPO
Chair: Dr. Christoph Borchers

Also see: Symposium Overview (agenda) and read about our Invited Speakers.

CNPN 2013 PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS (April 20-21, 2013):

Workshops Location: University of British Columbia, Michael Smith Laboratories,
2185 East Mall, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4

  1. TPPThe Trans Proteomics Pipeline Workshop, a two-day workshop from 8:30am–5:00pm on Saturday April 20 -and- Sunday April 21, 2013 - Room 101
    Instructor: Luis Mendoza, Institute for Systems Biology
    Workshop description:
    This two day workshop will provide instruction in the use of the Institute for Systems Biology suite of open-source software tools designed for the analysis, validation, storage and interpretation of data obtained from large-scale quantitative proteomics experiments and methods, multi-dimensional chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry. Course participants should become proficient in the use of these tools, which comprise the Trans-Proteomic Pipeline.
  2. The Multiple Reaction Monitoring Workshop, a one-day workshop
    8:30am–12:30pm on Sunday April 21, 2013
    Lecture Theatre Room 102
    Instructor: Derek Smith, University of Victoria, Proteomics Centre
    Topics covered:
    LC-MS/MS in MRM mode, Internal Isotopic Standard Peptides, Assay Development Techniques, Selection of Target Peptides, Synthesis of Standard Peptides, Optimization of MS Parameters, Sample Preparation, Validation of Specificity, Balancing of Endogenous to Standard Peptide, Determining the Limit of Detection/Quantitation, Determining Standard Curves and Dynamic Range, Determining %CV, Multiplexing, Data Handling and Interpretation
2013 Sponsors
Genome BC M.Smith C M Genome PQ K-Prime MRM HUPO NEB AB Sciex Bruker B S I Thermo Agilent BCPN Uvic PC Genome Canada