4th Annual CNPN Symposium:
"Proteomics: from protein structures
to clinical applications"

Toronto SkylineApril 23-25, 2012 in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PROGRAMME from 2012

The conference was held at the Metro Toronto Covention Centre, 255 Front Street West, Toronto.

General information [PRINT FLYER] :
The annual CNPN symposium brings together leading Canadian and International protein chemists, mass spectrometrists, structural biologists and computational biologists to share their knowledge and leading edge developments on cutting-edge research in proteomics and its application to cancer research. Specialized workshops (quantitative and structural proteomics) and a special session on cardiovascular proteomics will be presented on the first day of the symposium. Participants will have the opportunity to present their contributions as oral presentations or posters, and exchange ideas with experts from other disciplines during informal discussions. The symposium will highlight new developments and analytical approaches in proteomics technologies and its applications in cell biology and cancer research. It also provides an opportunity to contribute to the training and recognition of future leaders in biomedical research through workshop and scientific presentations. A conference report together with selected contributions of the symposium will be presented as a special issue to the Journal of Proteomics

The symposium was sponsored by the following organizations:
Thermo AB Sciex
BC Pro